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Founder / Teacher :: AM & PM classes

I am thrilled to be bringing this unique program to you and your students. I love being outside and look forward to learning and growing together out in nature with your children.


My outdoor adventuring started in Ontario, Canada, with summers spent canoe camping, backpacking, open water swimming and winters spent building igloos, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and skating. I began my formal teaching career as a Special Education Preschool teacher in a large urban school district 15 years ago. 


The garden is my happy place, and nothing makes me happier than the sound of children playing, exploring, and discovering outside. I love that I am able to share this space and am so grateful for the trust you place in me when you bring your children to learn and grow in the garden, surrounding woods and nearby beach.


Teacher :: AM & PM classes

I genuinely believe there is nowhere more beautiful and inspiring than the Pacific Northwest and am passionate about working with little nature enthusiasts learning and growing together out in nature.


I’ve spent my entire life living among the evergreens and saltwater beaches just north of Seattle. I’ve homeschooled both of my children (now in high school and beyond) and have worked with various schools, organizations, camps, and co-ops, all centered around hands-on and inquiry-based approaches.


In my spare time, you can find me outside. I grow a large part of my family’s food during the summertime. My dog Dottie and I love foraging and gentle hikes, camping along the Oregon and Washington coast, and rockhounding the beaches along the Salish Sea.  I’m looking forward to sharing this program with you!


 All of our staff have been fully vaccinated. We are Red Cross First Aid & CPR certified.

Tree Stump
Animals play a prominent role in our curriculum at Little Garden Learning. From the spawning salmon we observe in Piper's Creek in late fall, to feeding garden scraps to our school worm bin, we believe animal study and familiarity are essential. To that end, Little Garden Learning also utilizes our family pets as we model caring and respect for all living things that make up our world.


I'm a friendly goofy pup and live with Ms Eileen. My expertise is happy greetings and an eagerness to please. I love storytime in the swing and lazing in the sun.



I'm 14 years young and live with Ms Ann. I love taking long walks with the PM class and supervise the Summer Camps. I offer a calm and patient presence, perfect for friends with or without dog experience.


I'm a curious sweetheart, and love exploring. I live with Ms Eileen, and come out for small visits when the weather is warm and there are lots of bugs for me to find.


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I'm a soft gentle gal, who loves nibbling dandelions and veggies from the garden. I love meeting new friends and doing "zoomies" in my outdoor playyard.


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