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2023/24 Calendar



2023/24 Program Year

September 11: First Day of School Year

October 9: Indigenous Peoples Day - No School

October 31 Costume Day

November 16: All School Salmon Day Outing!**

Nov 20-23: Family Week/Caregiver & Teacher Conferences - No School

December 18 - January 2nd: Winter Holiday - No School

January 15: MLK Jr. Day - No School

February 14th: Valentine Exchange

February 19-23: Family Week/Mid-Winter Break - No School

April: All School Orchard Day Outing! TBD

April 8-11: Family Week/Spring Break - No School

May 27: Memorial Day - No School

June 13: All School Beach Day Outing!**

June 14: All School Last Day Celebration!

July 1-August 23: Summer Programming

September 9: First day of 24/25 School Year

**All School Outings are subject to change due to weather/tides; we will communicate any changes as they arise.

*we have completed our tours for the 24/25 school year, please reach out if you are interested in learning more about our unique program!

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