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learning and playing together outdoors



An inclusive outdoor learning environment for children of all* abilities, strengths, and dispositions, ages 2.5-5. Class size is capped at 14 students.

We are student-centered and play-based. We focus on social-emotional learning, connection with self, community, and nature. We offer a predictable daily schedule embedded with familiar routines: welcome, sensory exploration, group movement/song/reading time, forest, garden, beach, or community walk & play!

We love getting dirty!! Learning is 100% outside; rain, wind, and shine.

*When we say all, we really mean ALL. 

"Our child has grown leaps and bounds at Little Garden Preschool and he loves going to school each day.  Ms Eileen creates an inclusive environment where each child is valued and they can freely be themself."
- Erin M.

"As a Little Garden dad, I'm so thankful to have Ms. Ann for our boys (4 & 6).  
It's a great combination of outdoor exercise, learning about native plants and animals, social and emotional skills, art, and topical themes. Somehow Ms. Ann does it all, and Little Garden has been such a gift to our family.  Even on the blustery days, the kids are happy and excited to show me their work from school and have had a good time playing and creating with friends.  It's comforting to know my kids are with such an attentive, experienced, and flexible teacher.  I encourage you to talk with her and check it out- I bet your kids will love it too!"

- Ben P.

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