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At Little Garden Learning, your children's safety is our foremost concern. For children to thrive and build a relationship with nature, it is imperative that they and their families feel safe within our program. Given the current worldwide pandemic, we must adapt many of our policies, practices, and procedures to reduce the coronavirus spread and do what we can to protect our children. The following guidelines have been developed based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Washington State Department of Health, Snohomish County Health  District, and the Seattle/King County Public Health. Due to the unpredictable nature of this virus, we anticipate that our LGL policies will be updated multiple times due to recommendations by state and local authorities. Any updates to these policies will be communicated and posted here.

Adapted Policies and Procedures in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Health Screening

At-Home Screening: While our program participants are not required to fill out pre-screening forms, we ask that caregivers informally screen children daily for symptoms before bringing them to class.​

  • Has your child had any of the following symptoms within the last day that is not caused by another condition?:

fever (100.4F) or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, unusual fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, the recent loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea?

  • Has your child been in close contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID19?

  • Has your child had a positive COVID19 test for the active virus in the past ten days?

  • Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told your child to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID19 infection?​


Physical Distancing Measures

  1. Group Sizes: Total group size will not exceed 14 students. Cohorts will be limited to small groups of 7 children :1 instructor. 

  2. Masks/Face Coverings: (as of 06/19/22) We are lifting our mask requirement and asking that each family make a decision that is right for them. If your student is not yet vaccinated, we recommend continued masking but leave that decision to individual families. If your child is presenting or develops a runny nose or is sneezing or coughing, we will provide a mask for their use while in class and may call home for early pick-up. If there is a known COVID exposure at Little Garden, and your child has been unmasked and is unvaccinated, they need to remain home for the recommended 5-day waiting period or demonstrate COVID-negative status with daily at-home testing to attend in the five days after exposure. We acknowledge this is a difficult decision, and each family has myriad reasons for their choices. We will support your child to wear a mask with fidelity if that is your family's choice, and we will provide accepting learning and play environment for all families regardless of their choice.

  3. Arrival and Departure: All caregivers entering Little Garden Learning must be COVID negative; please wear masks if unvaccinated or have experienced recent exposure.

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • Hand Washing is always available while in the garden. However, we will use either an alcohol-based hand gel or wipes with at least 60% alcohol in the forest or beach. Students must clean/sanitize their hands in the following situations: 1. After using the restroom. 2. Before snack or lunch 3. Before Cooking Projects.

  • Restroom Facilities: Toileting and subsequent handwashing are the ONLY times students are indoors. Only one student (and masked teacher when necessary) at a time.​

Sickness During Program

Students and staff must stay home if they exhibit any symptoms (listed above) or answer "yes" to any of the screening questions listed above. However, students and staff may return to the program based on information in the following chart from the WA DOH.

 We will notify program participants if a student or staff member comes into contact with a COVID19-positive person. If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID19, we may pause the affected program for appropriate contact tracing and testing.

All of our staff, including teaching assistants, have been fully vaccinated and boosted.

What Our Families Are Saying

"When our kids joined Little Garden, we wanted them to have the opportunity to be outdoors and safely play with other kids during Covid. Little Garden has met this need and so much more. Our children are outside learning and thriving. We would send them to Little Garden for their entire elementary education if it were possible!!"

-Ruthie N. (very satisfied, relieved, and grateful parent of a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old)

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